Best Value Apartments in Lakeview and Lincoln Park

Generally for rentals, I work with all the high rises in the immediate downtown area. This is the area with the highest demand and the best use of my time. However, I do some rentals outside of the downtown Chicago core, depending on the situation.

If I get a referral from a past client or have a past client get in touch with me looking for something inexpensive and further from downtown, I will show them anything and everything I can. A lot of the time it won’t work out for various reasons and I am upfront with them from the beginning. I explain that I work with some condo owners and property managers outside of the downtown area, but for them to look through or as well for available units. It’s not that I can’t physically show them these properties, but if I won’t get a commission it’s a bad use of my time. I simply can’t work for free and I’m not going to charge a client for my services.

However, I will tell them all the ways they can find a place and if it’s some place that does work with brokers, I’m happy to try and make it work. One group of properties I always try to show is those owned by Lakeview Associates ( They manage about 25 properties throughout the Lincoln Park and Lakeview area that are great values and places I enjoy showing.

I could advertise and show other properties throughout these neighborhoods, but in the past they have proven to be difficult to rent and a waste of time. I’m running a business and it only makes sense to show places that have the best chance of renting. Therefore, I only advertise for these properties in those neighborhoods (outside of a couple high rise rental buildings or private listings).

If you or someone you know is looking for an affordable studio, one or two bed in these neighborhoods, get in touch with me. Lincoln Park/Lakeview is where I call home and am happy to try and convince others they’re great places to live. It shouldn’t take much convincing, though, as we have some of the best restaurants, great connectivity via public transit, close to the lake and awesome nightlife.

I can be contacted by phone/text at 847.373.8114 or by email:

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