An Update in Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

I want to start off this post with a quote/meme I saw which perfectly sums up the present day: “I don’t even remember what we used to talk about before the coronavirus.” While it’s a very serious issue right now, we need to remain positive and think of ways we can best prepare for the…

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How Much Interest Rates Matter

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news recently, you may be missing out on the fact that mortgage rates are reaching all time lows. “Investors are fleeing to safe-haven investments amid renewed coronavirus fears, sending 10-year Treasury yields sharply lower and this, in turn, will push U.S. mortgage rates to new lows.” Bankrate –…

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How to Win a Multiple Offer Situation

  How to Win a Multiple Offer Situation in Chicago Buying a home in Chicago can be tricky during the chaos of the spring real estate season. If you’re trying to buy a home during this time of year, you need to be prepared to face multiple offer situations. In a multiple offer situation, two…

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Walking Away from a Home – Inspections

In part 1 of this series, I talked about walking away from a home when the property is overpriced and the seller isn’t being realistic. Sometimes you can open up the discussion with an offer and be surprised that a seller will be willing to accept a lower offer than you expect. And sometimes they…

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Walking Away from a Home – Negotiations

When you make an offer on a home, there are always a multitude of reasons why it may not work out. Sometimes it goes smoothly, other times you have to walk away. This series on walking away from a home purchase will look at a few of those reasons, drawing on the experiences I’ve had…

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A Tale of Two Listings (part 2)

As I was trying to sell the first place, I had another 2 bed/2 bath listing come on the market in Lakeview. This was a duplex in relatively older building with garage parking and some dedicated yard space. It held a special place in my heart because I had sold it to the owner, a…

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A Tale of Two Listings (part 1)

What follows is a tale of two listings. Real estate can be a perplexing game at times. Sometimes you know exactly how the market will react to a property and other times you are surprised by a listing that won’t sell or a buyer that does a complete 180 with their search. I recently had…

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A Deeper Look into Determining Chicago Home Value

Recently I showed my client a condo in a building where I had made a sale in the summer of 2017. Before even seeing the place, I knew it was overpriced. This was based on my knowledge of the market and this particular building. What was interesting to me was that it was clear as…

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5 Fall Tips Before Listing in the Spring

If you’re planning to list your home in Chicago, you may or may not know that time of year is a huge factor in the success of your sale. A property that doesn’t sell after listing around Thanksgiving may get multiple offers if it’s a beautiful week at the end of March. Additionally, the price…

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Chicago Skyline from Lakeview

Top 23 Restaurants in Lakeview Chicago

Are you looking for the top restaurants in Lakeview Chicago to eat at with friends and family? I’ve put together a list of the best of the best in Lakeview, restaurants I have eaten at in the past that I absolutely love. The Lakeview community in Chicago has a lot to offer as it’s one…

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