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A Full Circle Sale

Recently I sold a condo at 1931 W Diversey Pkwy, that closed for just under list price and sold in the first weekend with two offers. And while that’s great and all, this one was especially important to me because how it came to be was a roller coaster ride that can be traced back…

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A Tale of Two Listings (part 2)

As I was trying to sell the first place, I had another 2 bed/2 bath listing come on the market in Lakeview. This was a duplex in relatively older building with garage parking and some dedicated yard space. It held a special place in my heart because I had sold it to the owner, a…

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A Tale of Two Listings (part 1)

What follows is a tale of two listings. Real estate can be a perplexing game at times. Sometimes you know exactly how the market will react to a property and other times you are surprised by a listing that won’t sell or a buyer that does a complete 180 with their search. I recently had…

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A Deeper Look into Determining Chicago Home Value

Recently I showed my client a condo in a building where I had made a sale in the summer of 2017. Before even seeing the place, I knew it was overpriced. This was based on my knowledge of the market and this particular building. What was interesting to me was that it was clear as…

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5 Fall Tips Before Listing in the Spring

If you’re planning to list your home in Chicago, you may or may not know that time of year is a huge factor in the success of your sale. A property that doesn’t sell after listing around Thanksgiving may get multiple offers if it’s a beautiful week at the end of March. Additionally, the price…

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When is the best time to sell a home in Chicago

When should I sell my house in Chicago?

When is the best time to sell a home in Chicago? Should you list in the spring when the rush happens or in the slower months of fall and winter? Should you avoid the holidays? When should you sell your house in Chicago? There are a lot of circumstances to consider when deciding when to…

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City of Chicago Real Estate Closing Costs

Buying or selling a home in Chicago (and anywhere for that matter) is a time and labor intensive process involving many moving parts and several people are involved to make sure the transaction goes smoothly, protect you from unforeseen issues, and help you get the best deal. These people need to be paid for their…

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