Near West Side

The Near West Side of Chicago has seen the greatest real estate surge of all neighborhoods in Chicago, mainly due to the underdeveloped industrial sites that have inhabited the area for decades, the proximity to the loop, Restaurant Row, and big name companies such as Google and McDonald’s setting up headquarters in the neighborhood. Additionally, two major anchors reside in the area: the University of Illinois at Chicago and Rush University Medical Center. All of this combined makes for a huge draw for anyone wanting to be near their work, school, and/or nightlife in the area. Restaurant Row along Randolph streets has some of the biggest names in the restaurant world all neighboring each other, while you can skip over a couple blocks to festive Greek Town or Little Italy. There has been a rush to build in the area, and there are many new condo and apartment buildings filling up underdeveloped lots and commanding top dollar to live in the neighborhood. If that isn’t enough, you can also shoot down Madison avenue and catch a Chicago Bulls¬† or Chicago Blackhawks game during the fall, winter, and spring months at the United Center.

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